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The Aura NEA is a licence plate reading system that can be integrated into Aura30 parking systems. The camera, installed near the Aura30 I and Aura30 U entry and exit posts, allows vehicles with a registered licence plate to enter and exit the car park quickly, without having to show anything at the post.
The use of the plate requires no specific physical supports, and therefore offers the best in flexibility. FEATURES- Plate number printed on the entry ticket of occasional users
- Management of season tickets without cards or other tickets, using the licence plate only
- Exit authorisation via the licence plate associated to a paid ticket
- Flexible management of season tickets, with the possibility to use either transponder cards, UHF TAGs or by reading the licence plate, based on the everyday needs of the customer.
The process is transparent for the customer and fully automated
- Increased security through the unequivocal connection of the vehicle to the licence plate
- Allowing access to the car park for vehicles with certain preregistered license plate numbers
- Possibility of associating different license plate numbers to the same season ticket holder if he/she owns more than one vehicle. This makes the car park access management even
more transparent.
- Able to recognise all European and non-European licence plate formats
- The NEA system can be used without entry and exit stations in car parks for season ticket holders only
- The level of reading precision can be set to allow the registration of even relatively worn or dirty licence plates, allowing correspondence or not of some characters