The single entry ticket is issued by the Aura30 entry post when the ticket issue button is pressed with the presence detector loop activated.
The ticket is fanfold format and is valid for a single stay in the car park. It must be used for the payment of the parking time by being shown at either the Aura30 P automatic pay station or the manned pay station. The entry date and time information is printed on the ticket in both EAN13 barcode and humanreadable form: on the basis of this information, the amount to be paid at the time of showing the ticket at the payment station can be quantified. After paying, the ticket must be shown at the exit post within the time set by the car park manager.
- Issued by the entry post
- Ticket valid for one transaction only
- Fanfold thermal paper 54x86mm
- Payment at the Aura30P Automatic Pay Station or manned pay station
- Payment sum calculated on the basis of the amount of time since entry
- Back of ticket can be customised

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