The Production Zone


Each product is born from the study of our client’s requirements, each time we develop a new product or service we consult our clients to obtain their thoughts on the additional value every new application could bring to their work. On the inside, we have formed a team of expert engineers and technicians with electronic, mechanic and information skills to idealize safe and innovative devices and systems, the usage and the interfaces must very simple, intuitive and efficient to use.
Before going on the market each of our products passes a series of validation tests both internally and on site, with the collaboration of some of our partner clients we execute tests in which we collect their observations and we improve the product/service accordingly, only then can it become a standard for our offer.


We are the producers of the technical solutions which we offer, both in hardware and software. Our challenge consists of supplying technical solutions which are stable, secure and amongst the most competitive on the market. We are convinced in the value of an Italian Production, constantly optimizing the production phases, productivity processes both internally and via our suppliers we can guaranty our clients the maximum rapport between quality and price. Only by choosing suitable materials and components, focusing on the research and quality of our productions we have been able to be an Italian reference and grow in our specific segment.
For more than twenty years we create unique parking systems in Italy and Europe. The Specialization is our highest value.


Each of our creations is followed by a precise instruction of the personnel who shall run the parking area, the course us structured on the use of the applications, the use and maintenance of
all of elements of the system and the management of the rates. Also, our clients can count on telephone assistance and remote assistance via ADSL or similar lines, executed directly from our central operative, able to provide guidance in the solution of doubts or queries and able to resolve a large part of the questions from a remote connection, only in the case of effective
need shall a technician be sent on site. To keep the same characteristics and performance of the system we also propose packages aimed at assistance and programmed maintenance, structured suitably according to the needs of our clients. Also special maintenance is executed by our specialized technician personnel.