The design zone


The consultancy with which we approach each new project could be compared to a seamstress creating an outfit, each component and its collocation must be studied with care, our creations must perfectly “fit” the parking zone which is to be automated. Our clients can count on the experience and courtesy of a technical team which is formed and active in the constant research and development of solutions and technologies in the sector of the professional management of parking.


When a client contacts us for a new project, we do not limit ourselves to supply an economical offer made via a simple list of elements and devices, but without obligation, we supply a technical practicability analysis, analyzing plan metric or making an on site inspection, the client can then decide if to opt for our services having all the necessary information. Detailed operation, technical specifics, advice on the collocation of the devices, time of delivery and detailed costs for each single detail and demonstrated with clarity and professionalism which we wish to grant right from the very first meeting.


The automation system is an integral part of the project created by our clients. The wall works and predispositions are only a few of the phases in the construction of an infrastructure. It’s natural that the operations we carry out must meet with the needs of the client’s site. Each project is managed by our technical office via planning and checks agreed with our clients. Respecting the times and objectives agreed are fundamental elements in each of our operations.